About Personal Historians

Welcome to My Personal Historian which is designed to help you find resources to help tell your story. Whether you want to record video of yourself telling your story, write your biography as a book, record your audio memoirs, digitize your photos, or anything that involves you telling your story, we’ve got you covered.

Personal Historian is another name for a professional who wants to help you tell your life story. We are videographers, biographers, memoirists, ghost writers, book designers, and editors who are life story professionals. We know how to put it together for you so you can celebrate that milestone, or just pass your stories onto the next generation.

Browse our website, and please feel free to contact us.

Peta Roberts peta@vidavoce.com

Personal Historians or Life Story Professioanls can help you in any number of ways:

Books – creating story books of your transcribed stories, or photo books

Videos – of you telling your stories to pass onto future generations

Audio – make audio tape of you speaking about your experiences, your life, your stories

Legacy Letters – where you share your values, ethics and philosophies with your family and heirs

Tributes – a smaller story to honor your relatives or close friends who aren’t here any more to tell their story

Digitization – help you digitize your memorabilia, your photos, your letters

Online – prepare an e-book or interactive online publication

Want to read more about what Personal Historians do?  Follow these links where we talk about what we do and how we work.  Read how can we help you capture, talk about, and reminisce about your personal history.

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