Personal Historians, Biographers, Life Story Professionals

Which One?  What is the difference between a Personal Historian, a Biographer, and a Life Story Professional? Well, not much if you want someone to help you record your life story.

Your needs to tell your story may come in different shapes, and so do we.

Some of us are experts on videography, putting together a team of lighting, video and sound professionals so that you can tell your life story for your family and friends to enjoy on a big screen.

Others of us are biographers, who can interview you over numerous sessions and audio record you telling your stories. Then we transcribe them and carefully put them together in a book. Or use your audio recording to give you a polished verbatim CD of you narrating your stories.

We rely on other professionals who also consider themselves to be your personal historian. They help us edit, illustrate, and put together history events to show the times of the world where you story was set. And they design your book, from the front cover to everything in between.

If you want any help involving you and your memorabilia, your Personal Historian, Biographer and Life Story Professional have got you covered.

Why Telling Your Stories Builds Resilience

Who knew that story telling is good for building resilience? Great way to improve your mental health:

Everyone can get better at creating and sustaining resilience. Almost all of us will experience some kind of adversity—most of us will go through some pretty tough times at some point in our lives. Humans have a remarkable capacity to bounce back after problems. Even more impressively, we all have the potential to get even better at resilience.

There is a lot of good advice out there about increasing resilience. Here, I want to focus on the remarkable benefits of sharing your story. Emotional, autobiographical storytelling can be a path to truly owning your story. Further, by “giving it away,” you can use your own journey as a means to help others on theirs.

For the whole story, here is the link.

Instant Recall

Michael Neal has posted a link to a story about apps to help us remember. He quotes from the article written by Molly Souter in Recall that:

The social web has given us, in its infinite, generative wisdom, a suite of products and services to programmatically induce reminiscence. Apps like Timehop, which presents time-traveled posts from across your social media profiles, or Facebook’s “On This Day” Memories, are attempts to automate and algorithmically define reminiscence, turning the act of remembering into a salable, scalable, consumable, trackable product suite. As the work of memory keeping is offshored, Instagram by Instagram, to social media companies and cloud storage, we are giving up the work of remembering ourselves for the convenience of being reminded